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The college was established on July 20, 1960 as an ardous task of imparting teacher education to the weaker sections of the society. The college is situated at Moothakunnam on the banks of the mighty Periyar river in the Vicinity of the famous Sankaranarayana Temple. As the college is by the side of NH 17 and is just 4km away form Kodungallur the very famous ancient port town of Musiris, is easily accessable by road. The nearest railway station is at Irinjalakuda 15 km away. The calm and serene atmosphere is quite is conducive for intellectual pursuit.
In August 2005 a new course of elementary T.T.I. was started with an intake of 50 students.In the same academic year ie, in December our college started post graduate course in education, M.Ed with an intake of 25 students. The college has set up a tradition of its own with regard to the decorum and decency of its student teachers.
Our Mission
We try to spread the reverberation of the words ‘Vidyakondu prabhudharakuvin’ that served as a panacea to instill pride &self confidence in the minds of the downtrodden and outcasted sections of people of our state in the 19th century, to the young minds of 21st century.
The ushering in of an integrated and mature personality who always upholds the values of universal brotherhood and sustainable progress of humanity is the ultimate mission of our institution.
Our Vision
“ Avanavan Atmasukhathinacharippava Aparanu Gunathinayvarenam ”
Our Objectives
The objectives of the institution are enumerated as
To develop competent and committed teachers.
To develop teachers who uphold the value of universal
Brotherhood and nonviolence & offer value education the pupil.
To familiarize the prospective teachers with global trends in technology and    environment education.
To inculcate in the teacher trainees the skills and attitudes to serve the community    and nation.
To equip the teacher trainees to help the progress & prosperity of the locality &    backward community by providing quality education.
To inspire the teacher trainees to propogate the idea of educating the pupils for    liberation form ignorance, poverty and superstitions.
To propogate the concept of universalisation of education at teacher education    level.
Land and Building Details
Land Total area 4.44 Acres in Moothakunnam Village, owned by HMDP Sabha, Vadakekkara Panchayath, Ernakulam District.
To develop competent and committed teachers.
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  Perfomance Appraisal Report (PAR)
Moothakunnam Ernakulam (Dt), Kerala Estd - 1960
Phone: 0484-2482084, Fax: 0484-2482497
E-mail: snmtrainingcollegemkm@gmail.com